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Objective: Become a professional esthetician. You will be competent in all aspects of treating the skin, caring for the client, business theory and ethics, as well as manual and machine facial techniques. Numerous positions are available for the professional esthetician including resorts, local salons, the leisure and entertainment industries as well as working with Dermatologists.

Textbook: Standard Esthetics Fundamentals Series by Milady, Milady’s 10th Edition, Milady, New York, 2009.

Additional Video Series: Milady’s Professional Skin Care

Esthetics 600 CL. Hrs.
Theory: 390Cl, Practical 210Cl. Total: 600Cl Hrs.
Courses Theory Practical Total
Orientation & business topics 25   25
Laws and Regulations 10   10
General Sciences 65 15 80
Applied Sciences 75 20 95
Skin Care 150 105 255
Makeup 35 30 65
Body & other treatments 10 10 20
Hair Removal 20 30 50
TOTAL Cl. 390 210 600

Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 25 Facials, 15Waxing, and 10 Body treatments performed and logged on the general public in our Salon. The student will complete a personal skin care regimen throughout the duration of the course. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase prescribed products for daily use at home. Observation and weekly evaluations will be conducted. Students will have the opportunity to work on each other, as well as clients visiting the salon. Each student should select a volunteer from the general public to act as a volunteer for a six-week skin care program. Students get practice in the actual working of a salon by having the opportunity to answer the phone, book appointments, sell products, and service the clients. 300 hour courses are also offered as refresher and intermediate under this program. The 600- hour course or 33 credit hours also prepares the students to take the Maryland Esthetics Board exam.