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Master Esthetics 600

Objective: To teach you how to become a professional master esthetician. You will be competent in all aspects of treating the skin with chemical acid peels, microdermabrasion, IPL facials with micro current treatments, caring for the client, business theory and ethics, as well as manual and machine facial techniques. Advances in Cosmetic chemistry, Advanced anatomy and physiology, Ultrasound facial treatments, Treating ethnically diverse skin, Causes and treatments of hyper pigmentation, Understanding Rosacea and skin sensitivities, Salon/Business management, Advances facials using machines, Acne Treatments and Management, and Aromatherapy. Numerous positions are available for the professional Master Esthetician including Med Spas, resorts, local salons, as well as working with dermatologists and Plastic surgical treatment offices or other medical doctors. Manual Lymphatic Drainage of the face & neck, Manual Lymphatic Drainage of the body, Advances Spa body treatments and therapies, Advanced speed waxing, Brazilian bikini waxing, Hand & Foot treatments and techniques, and Nutrition.

Textbook: Standard Esthetics Advanced Series by Milady, Milady’s 10th Edition, Milady, New York, 2009.

Additional Suggested Readings: Lymphatic Drainage Massage, by Ramona Moody French, Microdermabrasion, by Pamela Hill Additional Handouts to be given by the instructor.

Master Esthetics 600 CL. Hrs.
Theory: 330Cl, Practical 270 Cl. Total: 600Cl Hrs.
Courses Theory Practical Total
Orientation, Advanced subject & Infection Control 45   45
State laws, rules & regulations 10   10
Advanced anatomy & physiology 65   54
Advanced skin care & advanced modalities 30 60 90
Advanced procedures chemical exfoliation 135 135 270
Lymphatic Drainage 45 75 120
TOTAL Cl. 330 270 600

Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 25 Facials, 15Waxing, and 10 Body treatments performed and logged on the general public in our Salon/Spa.