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Staff Biographies

Naheed Ghassemi

Ms. Naheed Ghassemi, CMT, LEI, CPE, LCE. AVI Career Training Founder & CEO

She is the founder of AVI Career Training and is a licensed certified Massage Therapy, Electrolysis, Esthetics and permanent Cosmetic Tattooing instructor with over twenty years of experience.

“As the president of AVI my objective is to have each student successfully complete the required course offerings so that they will be recognized for holding the highest professional standards within the industry as well as attains all vocational competencies established by the governing state. My mission is to produce for the profession, knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will be able to master the art and science of Esthetics, Master Esthetics, Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing, Cosmetology, Instructor and Laser Hair Removal. By teaching exemplary public relations skills and excellent business techniques and practices, the student, upon graduation, is adequately prepared to successfully make the transition into the workforce. Our main goal is to prepare students for a meaningful and totally fulfilling employment. The Institutes and staff look forward to sharing our modern, fully equipped facility in a relaxing environment with you. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all that is offered to you. May your experience and learning at AVI Career Training be one of academic enrichment and personal growth. My door is always open; I welcome you all and invite you to stop by. I would like to be a part of making your dreams a reality.”

Nahid Ghassemi, President, CEO

Faiza Bendebiche

Born and raised in Algeria, Faiza Bendebiche has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems. After completing her education Ms. Faiza worked in public relations and as a Business Development Consultant before joining AVI Career Training as the school’s director. Fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, Ms. Faiza enriches AVI with her international background. – Faiza Bendebiche, Director of Admissions

Faiza Bendebiche, Director of Admissions

Amy Sharifi

Amy Sharifi graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, Italy with a degree in painting. Following her studies in art, she chose to pursue her passion in understanding the human body and helping people by entering the field of esthetics. She continued her studies at the Esthetic Academy of Silverstriniin Rome, Italy where she passed the state board examination and graduated as an esthetician practitioner, specializing in advanced esthetic treatments, electrotherapy, massage therapy, electrolysis, manicure, pedicure and makeup art. She worked for Silverstrini spa and Grand Hotel Spa in Rome, Italy for several years before leaving the country to travel around the world with her husband, while continuing to add to her experience as an esthetician. She lived in Canada for ten years before settling down in the Washington, DC area where she joined the AVI Career Training Institute in 2002 as an esthetics instructor. Her mission and passion at the AVI Institute has been to make a difference in the field of esthetics by training students to become master estheticians. Not only has she brought her knowledge and expertise in esthetics to share with us, but also the life experiences she has gained through her travels. As she always tells her students, “never stop learning.”

Amy Sharifi, Master Esthetic Lead Instructor

Neelam Salman

Ms. Neelam graduated from the Oriental Beauty Center in 1988 with a cosmetology and beauty certificate. She continued her studies and received an Associate in liberal arts and started teaching. She later decided to combine her two passions by becoming a beauty instructor.

Neelam Salman, Instructor

Kamelia Katebi

Kamelia Katebi graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a second degree in Management Information Systems.

She has been working as a Financial Advisor at AVI Career Training for over three years. Her main objective is to help students get the necessary knowledge about Financial Aid and assist them throughout the entire process.

Kamelia Katebi, Financial Aid Director

Imane Bendebiche

Imane Bendebiche graduated from Oran University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and currently pursuing an MBA at the California University of Management. She worked as a Regional Business training Manager for Nokia, Inc. and as an event coordinator with K2C communications. She joined AVI in 2011 as a Business Manager. Her customer service skills as well as her business background help her successfully maintain the business office.

Imane Bendebiche, Business Office Manager