Knowledge Is Power


Sally Johannesburg –

AVI fully covered my tuition and books since they are approved and accredited for federal funding for Pell Grant and Stafford loans. I applied for my sister in-law visa to do make up she came from Germany. Teachers are patient and experienced and with over 20 years of experience and the students Passing Rate is 100%.


Helen Sarshar –

I have to say that they were outstanding on follow up and meet the student’s needs, the manager Kamelia is the best, she kept on top of me until I graduated last month. I recommend this school to every one who like to pursue makeup professionally for photography purposes.

By karen murphy –

Ms. Naheed Ghassemi, the President /CEO of AVI Career Training & Day Spa in Great Falls, Virginia was my Instructor and then my Director whom I worked for over 14 years right until my move to California……..I am forever in debt & thankful for the opportunity to work for her …….. I’ll miss working and learning ……….. I was job placed and trained very well. Thanks Ms. Naheed

By Fits etar –

BEST ESTHETICS SCHOOL! Teachers have over 20 years of experience; I passed the state-board the first time with 96% rate. The director treated me with utmost respect and courtesy….I recommend this school to all who like to start new carrier.

By F. Homa –

Now I am running my own successful spa business. I constantly hire AVI graduates, and I am truly impressed by their depth of knowledge, work ethics, professionalism and customer service …. job placement and performance. I find this very impressive and I personally take my continuing education at AVI. I highly recommend AVI training school for the best possible education from the top notch instructors to anyone interested in pursuing a beauty wellness career.