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Job Placement and Employment Assistance

The school will make every attempt to assist graduates in job placement; and maintain contacts in the relative profession to assist students in job placement. Salon owners are encouraged to interview student at the school and every effort is made to secure a job opportunity for our graduates either upon the completion of training or later. We do not guarantee employment, even though upon completion of the prescribed course of study, students will be given the names, addresses and telephone numbers of owner/ managers that are seeking Estheticians. Usually the number of unfilled jobs on our list is about 35. Former graduates are welcome to employment assistance also.

The health, beauty & skin care profession is a growing industry in the United States. There are numerous job opportunities in salons, clinics, spas, health clubs, chiropractic offices, osteopathic offices, stress reduction centers & sport centers. However, many students are successful starting their own business.

Additionally, our graduates have the option to use our salon rooms and facilities to build their own clientele, while waiting to settle on the best career path. The option allows for graduates to rent a treatment room in time slots of 75 minutes.